Overseas Travel and the Great Luggage Search

Now that we’ve started investing in camera equipment and been playing around with it, we’ve been contemplating some travel to test our photographic skills in the larger world. We’ve tended to be home bodies in recent years, so as we looked through the things we’d need to hit the road, it became apparent that several items need a serious upgrade.

Mount FujiOne of the investments we’ll be making is in a better set of luggage. Most of what we have now is a mish-mash of old hand-me-downs from our parents, cheap carry-ons, and the odd backpack or tote we received gratis for donating to non-profits.

Could we make do with what we have? I’m sure, but some of the destinations we’re considering are overseas, including Australia, New Zealand and Japan, so we’d like to get something more durable and reliable.

We started our research on Travel Channel personality Samantha Brown’s website. We’ve enjoyed her programs over the years, and figured she’d provide some good tips. A couple of her suggestions really jumped out at us.

For instance, she recommends fewer pockets in a carry-on rather than more. This makes sense when you consider that it reduces the number of places to check when you’re digging for your phone charger or boarding pass.

Another excellent idea is to pick more colorful luggage. Because most people tend to go with black or some other conservative color, a bright, cheery yellow suitcase will stand out at baggage claim and help prevent someone else from picking up yours by mistake.

Finally, Samantha urges you to inspect new luggage for things that might break, such as wheels, stitching and zippers. These are often weak points, especially on less-expensive bags, so it’s worth examining them for durability before you buy, if possible.

Overall, we’re really excited about planning our first international trip, and feel confident that we’ll find a good set of luggage to help eliminate at least some of the hassles that travel can generate.

Of course, there are many other things to consider, and we’ve just started making a list of all the stuff we need to get in order before stepping out the door. While we’re already thinking about things like suitcases, there are some fundamental requirements to be addressed yet, such as, uh, passports. 😉

All the same, we’re looking forward to our next great adventure, and will keep you up-to-date on our plans.

Our Latest Adventure: DSLR Video Making

We’ve just recently become interested in creating videos, and perhaps even dabbling in some indie filmmaking. Living in the American West, we are constantly attracted to the magnificence of nature that surrounds us, from the stark landscape of the high plains to the dramatic peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

Then there is the wildlife in its various guises: coyotes and bears, mule deer and bison. Not to mention the locals who frequent the small-town bar where we make our home: a different kind of “wildlife” altogether! 😉

So, the idea of capturing all of this on video is very attractive … but the potential cost of the equipment needed is not. We are not made out of money, so we’d like to at least get started with what we already have. This includes a fairly decent DSLR camera.

So, we were off to the web to do some research on how to shoot video with a DSLR. One of the first things we found was this excellent tutorial on YouTube:

This really covers all of the basics well, we thought, along with a lot of the details we needed to know to get good results straightaway, including specific camera settings and so forth.

Another good resource is http://dslrvideocamera.com, where we found further info on the pros and cons of using a DSLR for filming, as well as some recommendations for choosing a camera should we decide to upgrade at some point, as well as accessories worth investing in.

Since we are very interested in shooting video of animals (human or otherwise) in their natural habitat, we also did some research on the best techniques for doing this. This led us to an article at Outdoor Photographer that proved to be a great starting point for us.

Finally, as we’ve mentioned before, we like to try creative and innovative things, and aren’t afraid to push the outside of the artistic envelope. Sites like this one are providing us with a lot of inspiration through many examples of unique filmmaking.

Our next step will be to find some good video editing software, but at this stage, we’re focusing on developing our skills with the camera itself. Eventually, we’ll be researching the backend stuff, as well.

This is going to be a fun ride! We always get excited by a new project, and have a feeling this one will prove especially rewarding. We’ll keep you posted on our progress, and definitely share our early efforts as we get started with DSLR video.


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